Unique Multifunctional Ice Palace in Middle Asia

13.06.2017  - Drees & Sommer controls a unique project for Uzbekistan – the construction of the "Humo" Ice Palace, a multifunctional sports complex in the centre of Tashkent.

The future multifunctional Ice Palace – a project initiated by the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoev and supported by the National Olympic Committee – is designed to combine modern construction solutions with advanced technologies, harmoniously complemented by elements of national culture. The underlying architectural idea of the project revolves around “Humo”, the emblem of Uzbekistan symbolizing happiness and love of freedom. Based on this symbolic imagery, the arena and sidewalk areas will be constructed in the shape of the bird's wings.

According to experts, the complex under construction with a total area of 74,000 m² has every chance to become the most powerful driving force in the development of sports in the country. The Multifunctional Ice Palace is dimensioned to accommodate some 12,000 visitors and will comprise an ice rink, a training field, a fitness centre and gyms, a sports museum, a children's enlightenment and entertainment park, family leisure centres, an amphitheater, art parks with fountains, restaurants and recreational areas, a garden and walking areas, modern parking, including for people with disabilities, and more.

The main advantage of the facility will be a unique arena transformer which, thanks to the innovative technological developments, allows it to maintain multiple structural modes – the ice mode, the sports mode, the concert mode and the official mode. Within a short time the arena is transformed from an ice rink to practice figure skating, ice hockey, short track and curling, into a platform for team sports, for boxing and wrestling competitions. The format of the concert hall allows for multi-format shows from classical music concerts to the most modern variety shows. The same arena offers the possibility of organising events in official formats – major international forums, conferences and exhibitions. Thanks to multimedia and concert equipment of worldwide standards, the complex can host and technically maintain activities at any level and scale. It will be outfitted with the high-quality equipment from leading manufacturers with the ability to conduct online broadcasting of the events taking place in the arena.

The sports grounds of the venue will allow to train children’s and youth hockey teams as well as young figure skaters, with sections of different sports under the guidance of professional coaches - winners of various world and continental championships. For parents who come with their children, there will be a universal sports club equipped with premium facilities, where it will be easy to spend time with pleasure and health benefits. Comfortable atmosphere of the club will make the exercise of this joy for an entire family. At the same time, the complex is anticipated to provide with comfortable food areas with views of the arena where the training will go on, as well as a shopping center, a recreation area and a conference room. Undoubtedly, such an approach to addressing family vacation is expected to have a qualitative impact on strengthening the institution of the family and nurturing a new generation of healthy and comprehensive development.

Drees & Sommer has been commissioned to support the client with project control services during the design and construction stages and with project management consulting. Drees & Sommer’s many years of international experience in the implementation of similar outstanding projects and professional expertise were the decisive factors that convinced the client during the negotiations.

The multifunctional complex is built according to the compelling and exclusive design by Heerim Architects & Planners from South Korea. Drees & Sommer’s task is to control that the project is developed and implemented in compliance with the international sports federations’ requirements and standards and the regulations governing the hosting of top-level competitions. Engineering networks, fire extinguishing systems, lighting, ventilation, heating and air conditioning will be fully automated, using energy-saving technologies.

The project is scheduled to be commissioned in December 2018. In addition it is planned to build a four-storey car park adjacent to the Ice Palace.

The peripheral work accompanying the project implementation will include changing the course of the river. Being conceived for usage under extreme conditions of heat exceeding 50°C in summer, the project is considered one of the most outstanding undertakings in the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Middle Asian region.