Current Trends in the Design of the Industrial Projects

29.11.2017  - Drees & Sommer spoke about the customized solutions for the successful localization of the industrial projects at the open event organized by the Association of European Businesses.

The round table “Current trends in the design of the industrial projects”, which took place on November 22th, is the joined project of the AEB Machine Building & Engineering and Real Estate Committees where Drees & Sommer is actively engaged within different activities.

The experts from Drees & Sommer, Tebodin, Schneider Electric, Siemens, ESYLUX GmbH and Goltsblat BLP highlighted the current market news and key trends in the industrial projects development.

Actual trends of digitization, Industry 4.0, machine-to-machine communication and the popular today Internet of things (IoT) impels the Client to comply with the up-to-date challenges of the branch and search an executor who can offer the optimized and efficient solutions for realization of the project. Whether implementation of BIM or integration of cloud services for commissioning, operation or maintenance of engineering systems  ̶  the key market manufactures and service providers nowadays are able to offer the Client innovative solutions, which can guarantee the quality and high commercial performance of an industrial project.

“With the corresponding light management and application of automated lighting control equipment in a warehouse and industrial facilities, energy saving may be raised up to 80%”, stated Andrey Golovin, CEO, ESYLUX Russia.  Design of engineering systems based on web and cloud technologies and IoT offered by Schneider Electric and Siemens will give the Client an opportunity to reduce the staff and, accordingly, costs required for maintenance and operation of the system.

On the other hand, “… many Clients today would prefer to have their projects implemented on a turnkey basis with all services provided “from one hands”, as mentioned Tatjana Kovalenko, Head of Business Development, Senior Project Partner, Drees & Sommer. Individual, the so-called Build to Suit solutions, according to individual customer requirements integrated with the corporate standards and local requirements appears to be a good option for the Client and a growing trend at today’s not only on real estate, but on industry market. From that point of view, a consultant or manager with a profound branch expertize, innovative know-how and local presence, who can support the Client at all stages of project realization, is considered to be one of the key factors for project’s success.

The last, but not the least issue was connected with the legal aspects of the industrial object development pointed by Inna Firsova, Head of Group Goltsblat BLP.

Following a good tradition, the event was accompanied by a relaxing and friendly atmosphere, which suggested the attendees the broad opportunities for business networking and sharing experiences.