A successful project starts with a good idea or the need to optimise structures, processes and functions. Objectives may consist of improvements to the effectiveness and results of existing organisations, but also include the implementation of optimisation measures or the development of new business fields. No matter what your objectives are: Drees & Sommer will analyse your ideas with the objective "eye" of an external advisor.

Our experts have extensive experience in your industry. They check whether your ideas will stand up to all requirements and conform to the goals that have been set. Subsequently, we assist you with formulating the tasks and identifying the required areas and functional relationships. We would also be pleased to assist you with the implementation process.

Our work environment has undergone tremendous change in recent years. Changes range from the organisation of daily collaboration to the structure of the office and all the way to the production areas. For your employees to achieve productive, cost-efficient and motivated work results in this environment, they must receive the best possible support through efficient processes, through the organisation and the environment of their work, and through building structure and technology. In addition, viable building structures must have the ability to quickly and repeatedly adapt to new requirements in order to meet the dynamics of a new environment. Our workplace consulting unit ensures innovative and economical use and space concepts. Hence it lays the foundation for productive, efficient and employee-appropriate processes in companies. To this end, we work together with interdisciplinary teams consisting of architects and organisation and process consultants.

Many clinics must restructure, merge or fundamentally adjust their service portfolio. Moreover, operators are required to keep up with technical advances in diagnostics and treatment methods in the pharmaceutical, medical technology or logistics area. At the same time, it is also important that patients are provided with the highest standards in care. And if that was not enough, clinics must also be active in recruiting new staff. Drees & Sommer healthcare consulting unit draws on interdisciplinary and experienced teams of medical professionals, engineers, process consultants and hospital architects to identify the appropriate approaches. Our specialists will develop future-oriented target plans and supervise their implementation in practice.

Your hotel properties or resort projects are particularly dependent on a supporting idea or coherent overall concept. Therefore our hospitality consulting unit views such projects as an integrated whole - from operating basics to conceptual, planning-related and property management details. Our teams consist of architects, engineers, real estate economists, city and regional planners, business professionals as well as hotel and tourism experts, and offer industry competence from one source.

The question of whether buildings such as multi-purpose halls, museums, congress and seminar centres, science centres or sport arenas will draw crowds and become profitable is often only answered after the start of operations. In the absence of a concept that matches the respective location and audience, such operator-managed properties can become a financial burden for the owner - not to mention the damage that may be inflicted on his reputation. Therefore operator-managed properties require a particularly wide range of practical know-how. References for our operator consulting unit are evidence of our position as an experienced partner for the conception and implementation of projects with considerable drawing power. The reason: From the beginning, we focus on profitability for the owner and the operator. To this end, we systematically develop the right concept - from the inside to the outside.

The aim of our lean management service is to optimally coordinate actives contributing to value-add and to avoid unnecessary activities. We support you in reviewing and improving existing systems from the point of view of your customers and your company. Together with you, we develop the right process and ensure your competitiveness through a holistic approach.