Drees & Sommer infrastructure consulting supports public- and private-sector principals with the initiation, planning, and realization of infrastructure projects. Public interest is normally great in this area, making especially careful execution of the project necessary.

Potential analysis, feasibility studies and project appraisals must not only take technical and economic aspects into account, but also legal aspects and the concerns of impacted parties. For this reason, early consideration of various different implementation scenarios is essential.

From a certain size, infrastructure projects impact a large number of people and result in lasting changes to the environment. Such projects are subject to special planning processes, which are very complex and lengthy. Our stringent process and approval management ensures the necessary coordination of processes.

Our customized project management provides principals with professional support in the realization of their projects – in particular in the case of track worksites, where we ensure smooth logistics, thus optimizing construction times, reducing pressures and – in the case of construction sites with existing infrastructure – ensure accessibility.

Budgetary constraints limit the funds available in a specific period. In many projects, delays cannot be avoided despite good control of individual projects. That’s why our multiproject management focuses on the interrelationship between the individual projects and the overall goal.

Major infrastructure projects are often financed from various budgets and subsidy programs. Even during application, we support you with special finance, subsidy and fund allocation controlling, thus increasing the probability of a positive outcome. We incorporate the subsidy structure early into your project structure and ensure that award and invoicing of services are in keeping with procedures.

Our contract and supplementary claims management ensures that your contract award and contract design comply with legislative requirements. Systematic risk management allows better assessment of risks and their minimization through customized strategies.

As the result of numerous projects, we have considerable experience in the establishment of project organizations. Many of the structures established by us have later been retained in the normal administrative organization. For this reason, we also use our expertise in organizational and process consulting for construction-related organizational units.

Our PPP consulting and monitoring establishes the conditions for a PPP invitation to tender. This requires prior examination of the project scope and its possible economic viability to allow an invitation to tender that is compliant with budgetary regulations. We also find the most suitable operator model for you. During planning and realization we act as technical advisor and monitor correct application of funds.