For over four decades, Drees & Sommer has been promoting the use and continued development of resource-saving technologies and holistic solutions for buildings. With our interdisciplinary know-how, we plan and provide consulting on ecological and economic buildings – from the first idea and operation to demolition. With this comprehensive engineering competence, Drees & Sommer is the market leader in Germany.

Our life-cycle-engineering examines and assesses properties and their use with regard to economic, technical and ecological factors, on the basis of which we develop optimization strategies.

Technical & economic construction consulting ensures that you get the project you imagined – on schedule and within budget. 

Our energy management uses carbon due diligence and sound benchmarking to identify the measures that offer the greatest savings potential in industrial plants and commercial properties – and apply the appropriate optimization measures.  We use our proprietary energy management system to follow up and ensure that data transparency and low costs continue in later years.

In the case of sustainability consulting we show how systematic measures in production can not only reduce carbon emissions, but also reduce manufacturing costs. 

If you are looking for Green Building certification, our engineering experts identify the appropriate Green Building Label and examine the costs, opportunities and risks of the project. They provide support throughout the certification process and are authorized to certify buildings in accordance with the established labels. As an active member of several Green Building Councils, we participate in the further development of the certificates.

Because of the optimal coordination of facade, design, indoor climate and of building physics, our planning and general technology planning services pay off in terms of esthetics, quality, energy and economy.

When it comes to facade technology, our extensive experience combined with high quality allows us to develop innovative designs that are nonetheless cost-effective and quick to install.

Our energy design service utilizes the full potential of passive energy sources and combines these with renewables. Our consultancy aims to achieve buildings that provide high user comfort and convenience while being as cost- and energy-efficient as possible.

BSE controlling ensures the quality of building services equipment at every stage of planning, construction and operation. We minimize planning deficiencies, identify cost savings, and ensure cost and schedule stability through ongoing consulting and sound review of planning outcomes.