Many owners pay little attention to their brownfield sites, vacant lots and disused industrial sites. Much too little, in our view. Because these sites often have lucrative potential that needs to be discovered and used. And that’s where development consulting comes in. 

We initiate projects for you by developing ideas based on the possible market conditions and uses. Regardless of whether we are dealing with disused railway or industrial sites, former military bases or urban districts.

In the next step we then develop a coherent, market-focused brownsite or site development plan for a lucrative long-term use or profitable sale. We analyze the current situation on site, develop proposals for short-term improvements and determine opportunities for the acquisition of subsidies.

For the sustainable development of our cities, we initiate, plan and manage development and renewal processes. In particular, our experts support developers and those responsible in local government.

We organize and coordinate international competitions for such projects. This ensures that you get the appropriate participants for the project at hand.

During implementation we plan and support all necessary building approval processes as well as site preparation and site infrastructure provision. This safeguards the project for approving authorities, for citizens affected, as well as for utilities and waste disposal companies.

Our investor communication includes identifying potential partners. Once we have found potential investors, we coordinate the concepts with their goals and specifications. As soon as the general framework has been established for all parties, we secure the necessary building approval – on request for individual subsites.

In parallel to this, our team develops a marketing strategy to support sales in finding users or buyers. Public relations and public consultation work undertaken by our Development Management experts ensures the desired image for your project.

In summary, you get a significantly improved value-add and high quality of urban planning – combined with an appropriate return on investment. Ensuring that your land is profitable for you in the long term.