In addition to commercial banks and financial institutions (including savings banks) – whose services cover monetary transactions, credit provision and movement of capital – this sector also includes private insurers, whose products include health, life, accident and liability insurance.

These companies face new challenges in the future. Globalization, increasing competition, and high cost pressure make it essential to take action.

One key factor for increasing efficiency and reducing costs is office buildings. Optimization potential is available primarily for established buildings – but also for new buildings – with measures ranging from optimization of space to complete refurbishment to reduce energy consumption. Drees & Sommer has already supported numerous banks and insurance companies with innovative office concepts, as well as by providing sustainable engineering solutions that also cut costs.

A further service involves advising the client on operational and strategic management. Systematic outsourcing can allow real estate departments in the financial services sector to cut costs and increase flexibility. Drees & Sommer supports the management and senior management of numerous companies in this area.